Monday, July 23, 2007

A New Blog Post - Catching up and Getting Ready

Lots of things going on right now, almost too many to keep track of as I get ready to head out for ComicCon International. Let's take on the TCA Press Tour and related developments in this post....

TCA Press tour - The annual Television Critics Association press tour has been going on, starting off with cable and going into the networks. You can look at the blogs of a lot of critics by following the links from the TV web site. Others worth checking out in total include:

Michael Ausiello of TV Guide, who's been doing live blogs from the network presentations (I've linked to the July Archives which gets you easy access to most of his reports).

Matt Roush of TV Guide (again, July archive)'s reports & blogs

Maureen Ryan's reports from the Chicago Tribune
Mixed in with her TCA reports are some interviews and such:
Ron Moore on Battlestar Galactica's Razor
Bionic Woman panel report
Torchwood panel and John Barrowman interview

SciFi made several announcements, with associated press releases (with links to the press releases) Online content to include Farscape webisodes
Followup reports have indicated the deal for the Farscape webisodes had just been made and they don't know yet which actors will be involved.

Galactica Razor preview minisodes online and on the channel and other development news
Essentially stuff filmed for Razor that was trimmed from the final broadcast version. More details on Maureen Ryan's report. Also in the SciFi press release is info on shows and miniseries in development including a modern day take on The Odyssey with Ben Browder and Andrew Prowse (Farscape director). Other shows include UFO Hunters from the people who brought you Ghost Hunters.

SciFi Wire has a lot of reports and interviews that have likely come from the TCA sessions. Best way to look at them is to check out the Television and SciFi Channel categories.

A few miscelleaneaous notes on SF TV oriented news and info...

Flash Gordon Pilot now 90 minutes - According to the SciFi Schedulebot, the originally announced two-hour debut of Flash Gordon is now 90 minutes.

Doctor Who Ratings Soft for return. - The SciFi ratings report today on SciFi Wire shows that the debut of Doctor Who did a .9 household rating, which is a bit lower than the run for series two in the spring. Enterpise's Monday night airings are still doing well. Notice that, as has been the case, Painkiller Jane failed to make the top ten, garnering less than a .8 household rating.

Top Ten SciFi Channel Shows

Bruce Almighty 1.4
ECW 1.2
Final Destination 2 1.0
Star Trek Enterprise 1.0
Doctor Who 0.9
Death Valley 0.9
Twilight Zone 0.9
Freddy vs. Jason 0.8
Cabin Fever 0.8
Final Destination 0.8

Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report, 7/2/07 -- 7/8/07


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