Thursday, July 12, 2007

Emma & Will on the Road & Westercon Toast

Emma Bull & Will Shetterly started a three week road trip/signing tour at the Poisoned Pen tonight. Both have new books out, Territory for Emma and Gospel of the Knife for Will. Emma sang a few songs and each read a bit from their new novels and then answered some questions. Will talked about how he did this book in a different point of view than most books, which has put some people off of it. He does have it currently available online to read if you want to try it out first (Will is a real pixel-stained technopeasant web scab). Emma talked about how Steven Brust got her interested in Tombstone by dragging them to the movie when it was originally out. Will pointed out that she did a lot of research on the book and the real life events depicted in Territory are probably more accurate than most other accounts that have been publised or dramatized. As always, they were fun to chat with and after they were done they did a bit of looking around the store and picked up a couple of books (which usually happens at the Poisoned Pen for some reason). They will be heading up the West Coast and into Canada over the next few weeks, so try to catch them if they come your way.

Finally, getting my camera hooked up to the computer meant that I also can share this picture from WesterCon 2007 in San Mateo of Toast! (Actually Toastmaster Jay Lake and artist/filmaker/author Frank Wu (wearing the Toast costume) . Jay's new book, Mainspring, has just been released, and he and Frank have recently collaborated on Greetings From Lake Wu.

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