Sunday, July 29, 2007

Comic Con - The Weekend of Neil and more

I'm having some issues uploading images here tonight and I kindof want to get some sleep, so I'll post a few random tidbits from the last couple of days.... (Likely to be updated with some pictures at some point).

J.J. Abrams wearing an infocom t-shirt (woohoo Zork!)

Overhead as I was getting on the escalator going down from the Mezzanine from a mom to her 10 year old son "I am not your pack horse!"

Watching Claudia Christian go up to Neil Gaiman and tell him how much she likes his work and Neil giving Claudia a hug (with Brian Froud looking on somewhat bewildered).

Being accused by J. Michael Straczynski of doing unnatural things with his cat, Buddy... (that's what I get for shouting out "How's buddy doing?" when he asked for a quick question from the audience in his spotlight panel).

Getting to see a preview of the 3D stop motion animation being done for the movie based on Neil Gaiman's Coraline by Henry Selick and getting a signed posted afterwards.

Realizing that my room number, 1602, also had a Neil Gaiman connection (the Marvel series he did a couple of years ago).

Getting a chance to chat with Stan Lee one on one.

Having to choose between way too many things going on at the same time. Although realizing that in order to get into either the Heroes or Galactica panel on Saturday would have required several extra hours of waiting in line, made some decisions easier.

Being sent on secret mission by Peter David (after getting a bunch of stuff signed by him and J.K. Woodward, his artist on the IDW Fallen Angel series)

Realizing that I missed seeing Neil get Snogged by Jonathan Ross at the Eisners (I had gone out with friends to get some real food), thus not having completely stalked Neil all weekend (I missed out on the Beowulf presentation as well due in part to the clueless Paramount booth people).

Being amazed at the people willing to get their head shaved and a Stargate Chevron painted on the back of their heads. I probably need a haircut, but not like that!

Being additionally amused by all the buses with Stargate, Spaceballs Animated, and Dead Like Me ads on them (the Dead Like Me direct to DVD movie was a big surprise since nothing has been announced prior to the con)

Getting to see the new Spock and the original Spock together on stage.

Pointing out to a couple wandering by the autograph line who the authors were and the husband realizing that he went to high school with Harry Turtledove and hadn't seen him for many years.

Having a conversation with someone dressed up as The Question on the down escalator discussing what DC has done with the character in 52.

Having my usual random encounter with Marc Scott Zicree. He was in the Straczynski spotlight panel on Saturday and was in the crush of people around Straczynsk after the panel. I would have stuck around and chatted but wanted to get to the Coraline screening...

That's it for now...

For all sorts of news on the movie and TV side of things at ComicCon, check out The Futon Critics panel blogs and Ain't It Cool News has a lot of reports. I don't yet see any there for the Coraline screening, though...


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