Tuesday, February 13, 2007

SFTV News Roundup

Schedules Updated

The SFTV Schedules have been updated and can be viewed by the direct links. The Upcoming listing isn't quite done yet and hasn't been emailed out but will be soon.

Galactica Renewal

The SciFi Channel has renewed Battlestar Galactica for a fourth season. Instead of 20 episodes, they committed to a minimum of 13 episodes. Production is supposed to start this summer with the series likely returning next January. No news on the DVD movie they had been talking about. The full press release can be found on SciFi's press website.

Blood Ties Pictures

Lifetime has put up a basic web site to promote Blood Ties and has also made available some pictures from the initial batch of episodes.

First up is Christina Cox as Vickie Nelson, the P.I. with a degenerative eye disease.

Next is Kyle Schmid as Henry Fitzroy, a 450-year old vampire who embodies the physique of a twenty-something playboy. He also writes graphic novels (a change from the book version who writes romance novels).

Dylan Neal stars as Detective Mike Celucci, the ex-boyfriend of private investigator Vicki Nelson.

Gina Holden ("Reunion") stars as Coreen Fennel, who convinces Vicki to let her work as her assistant after her boyfriend is murdered by a demon. The first few episodes are described as follows by Lifetime:

Blood Price (Parts 1 & 2): Fearless ex-cop turned private investigator Vicki finds her entire life changes after she witnesses a bizarre murder and is suddenly thrown into a supernatural world in which she discovers her suspect is a demon and she is working alongside a 450-year-old vampire, Henry. Below is an image from the episode where Vickie is attending to Henry after he's been beaten up pretty bad.

Bad Ju-Ju: Vicki is hired by a woman desperately seeking her missing brother. With Henry's help, Vicki soon discovers that her client is more than what she appears to be. There's also Zombies, one of which has Vicki in a nasty grip on the left.

Gifted: When a young girl is left alone following her mother's death, Vicki is hired to track down her estranged father. During her investigation, Vicki and Henry discover that the young girl has special powers and an imaginary friend who might be more foe than friend.

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