Sunday, February 4, 2007

A Non Super Day

I didn't watch the Super Bowl, but I did catch up on a few things this weekend.

Penn Jillette

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MTR Paley Festival Ticket Fiasco

I'd sent out the information to the SFTV News list about the 2007 William S. Paley Festival at the Museum of Television and Radio in Los Angeles. This year, they are having a good number of panels SF/F fans might want to see (George Lucas, Heroes, Jericho, etc.). I was looking to get Heroes tickets and was planning on making a weekend trip of it from Phoenix.

This was the first time they have done the tickets via ticketmaster and there's a lot of people out there making their living off of reselling tickets. The tickets went on sale to members of the MTR first, but they also made it easy for anyone (i.e. scalpers) to get a MTR membership (or multiple memberships) via ticketmaster and get first crack at the tickets. I opted to renew my membership via the MTR website and not give TIcketmaster a processing fee. I was given a code that supposedly would allow members to get tickets when they went on sale last Friday. When the site went live and you could buy tickets, it wanted a membership number. I tried mine and it didn't work. I tried the password and it didn't work. Finally, after about thirty minutes it finally accepted the password but by that time, the majority of the sessions were sold out and some tickets were already up on Ebay!

I guess I won't be making the trip to the MTR this year. I'm definitetly not going to pay $250 or more for a pair of tickets (one seller has four tickets at $1399!). I hope they will at least make the Heroes session available via DVD like they did the one for Lost.

I hope my luck is better trying to get a hotel room when hotel reservations go online for the 2007 Comic Con International in San Diego.


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