Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gallfirey One This Weekend

The 18th edition of the Gallifrey One convention happens this weekend in Los Angeles. I'll be there as usual (I haven't missed one yet). Lots of Doctor Who guests including writers (Paul Cornell, Steven Moffat, Tom McRea) and a director (James Strong) from the new series. There will also be plenty of guests from the original Doctor Who (Colin Baker, Caroline John, John Levene, Terry Molloy, and Geoffrey Beavers) as well as Eric Roberts, who played The Master in the FOX TV movie (and also has a guest role coming up on Heroes). Lots of information and the schedule is up on the Gallifrey One web site. I'll have some badge ribbons to hand out and I also have some Harry Dresden business cards. I'm doing a couple of panels on Sunday and will be catching a lot of panels through the weekend.


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Unknown said...

Random comment, but do you still have any of the Harry Dresden Business Cards?

I've been searching the internet for them because I live in NZ and can't get to any of the big sci-fi conventions and missed out on so much good Dresden stuff *sigh*

If you do, you can email me at zahnadu @ :)