Monday, April 23, 2007

Its IPSTD Day!

Today is International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day where all of the webscabs out there are making available work for free.

What is IPSTD? In short, it is the response from science fiction and fantasy writers to a rant by Howard V. Hendrix about how all of the webscabs and Pixel-Stained technopeasants were causing other writers to lose work.

John Scalzi has his entry here along with links to other sites about all the stuff being made available free today. Jo Walton, who started up the whole thing, is keeping track of the various works on her livejournal. There is also an IPSTD Livejournal community as well.

For more background, and some of the comments, check out these posts on John Scalzi's website chronicling the events:

The iniital post by Hendrix

John's Response

Scalzi Reporting Jo's Announcement

Jo's announcement on her livejournal.

If anything, this shows that science fiction and fantasy writers can get organized if they have a common goal or a target (see the Wikipedia entry on Travis Tea or visit the official Travis Tea web site.) Suprisingly, I don't yet see a Wikipedia entry on ITSPD, but there is some about the controversy on the Howard Hendrix entry (including a link to a very special edition of Michael Stackpole's The Secrets Podcast.

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