Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bart's Not For Me...

I got invited by a friend to do an advanced movie screening tonight and after spending about an hour in line, signing all sorts of forms saying I won't go online and tell people all about the movie or take clandestine videos of it and sell them on Ebay. However, as the line kept getting longer and longer, it became apparent they had way more people accepting their offer than they could fit in the theatre.

Since my friend was already up in front and inside the theatre by the time I got close to the door, their person doing a last minute screening looked at me oddly and asked if I had anyone with me, which I didn't. Seeing as I was over the target age group for the movie, I was told I was not going to be allowed to see the movie and offered a free ticket to see one of the other movies the theatre was showing. Most of which I didn't really care to see or had already seen. Oh well, at least the theatre reimbursed me for my parking fee.

The movie, it turns out, was the Simpsons movie, with about 80& of the animation done. If you see a post on Ain't It Cool News about the movie, you'll know the spy is violating all the forms he signed. Since I didn't actually get in to see the movie, I can't really say anything about it other than if you aren't 39 and under, they really don't care if you see the movie or what your opinion of it is.

So, if you sign up for The Screening Exchange, be warned that if you aren't part of their target audience, you'd better have someone with you who is or you won't get in.


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