Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SDCC Coraline Figures

One of the things somewhat hidden at San Diego Comic Con this year was a display at the NECA Booth. This article at the LA Times talks about them a bit, but doesn't really give you a good look at them. The movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Coraline is being done in stop motion by Henry Selick and is scheduled for release next February. DreadCentral also took a lot of closeups of the figures, but missed the one with the faces.

This figure of Coraline with a multitude of faces wasn't in the display to start with but showed up later in the show.

The Other Mother (Teri Hatcher)

Coraline's Doll & Mr. Bobinsky

Coraline and Wybie

The Ghost Children


Skellybobbly said...

Fantastic photo's.
Do you have a link to a larger version of the Coraline faces photo?



Mr.SFTV said...


Finally spotting that comment. Not sure why the faces picture doesn't go to the full sized image like the other images.

Try this link: