Sunday, August 5, 2007

More Comic Con Pics - Superheroes and more

Here's some more pictures from ComicCon, mostly superhero & celebrity themed

First up, one of the press events I made it to was the Who Wants to Be a Superhero? event, that had Stan Lee, the first season's winner Feedback, and two of this year's contestants, Hygena and Hyperstrike. I got to do short interviews with Stan, Hygena and Hyperstrike, which I will have up later.

The TV Guide Channel was also in the room interviewing everyone.

Hygena and Hyperstrike. Hygena got the idea for her character at last year's Comic Con when she noticed how messy it was and thought it would be neat to have a Super Hero to clean up after the other superheroes. Hyperstrike changed his character from the one he auditioned with since SciFi gets the rights to the characters and he uses that persona as part of the circus act he does.

The top three from last year, Feedback, Fat Momma and Major Victory were also on hand, signing autographs and getting photos taken in the autograph area.

I also made it for part of the Ghost Whisperer press conference that had star Jennifer Love Hewitt on hand along with Executive producers Ian Sanders, Kim Moses and P.K. Simonds. Hewitt wasn't doing any panels at ComicCon, but did do a signing at the Inkworks booth. At the same time as her signing, Marvel was unveiling the Iron Man costume with Jon Favreau, which caused near gridlock around those booths at the time. The room for the Ghost Whisperer press conference wasn't really set up for picture taking, so right in the middle of the Superhero press event next door, they brought Jennifer into the room, stood her against the ComicCon backdrop for a quick photo op (about 15 seconds!) and then whisked her out of the room to head down for the signing. This was right in the middle of TV Guide interview Stan Lee.

J. Michael Straczynski was on hand to promote the Babylon 5: The Lost Tales DVD release and also did a spotlight panel as well as several comics panels and a couple of autograph sessions. When I caught up with him on Sunday at his signing, he admitted he was pretty exhausted and had only gotten about an hour and half to shop in the dealer's room.

At Neil Gaiman's signing on Saturday, Babylon 5 star Claudia Christian came up to say hi to Neil, wanting to let him know how much she liked his work. That's a somewhat bemnused Brian Froud in the background. More on Neil to come in a subsequent blog post.

During the Paramount panel on Thursday, J.J. Abrams and company announced casting for Spock for the Star Trek movie, with Zachary Quintos (Sylar on Heroes) announced to be playing Spock.

Additionally, they also announced the Leonard Nimoy would be playing Spock as well and brought him out. Nimoy indicated he thought that it was a very good script and that the casting choice made was "Logical". See the Trek part of the panel online at

Paramount also had a live video feed from the set of Indiana Jones IV with Spielberg, Ford and other cast including announcing that Karen Allen would be returning as Marion Ravenwood. The video can be seen on the official Indiana Jones website. Copies on You Tube have been removed.

NBC had a booth for Heroes, set up like Iassac's loft with paintings including the big bomb blast on the floor. During exhibitor hours, the place was packed as the cheeleaders handed out various goodies including comics, temporary tattos, and tickets for a drawing for a Heroes lunch
box. Look for all of those items on Ebay now!

I took some photos one day before the hall was opened to the public.
Here's the floor painting.

A look inside.

A display of props on the outside of the booth.

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