Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Paul Cornell's New Who Kudos

Paul Cornell's New Who Gets Rave Reviews

This past weekend in the UK saw the debut of part one of a two part Doctor Who episode (Human Nature/Family of Blood) written by Paul Cornell. His first season episode Father's Day was one of the three Doctor Who episodes nominated for a Hugo award last year. This time, reviewers and fans alike are touting the first half of the two parter as the best episode of the new Doctor Who series ever (that's all three seasons, not just this year). Congrats to Paul for the kudos. The two-parter is actually an adaptation of his original Doctor Who New Adventures novel published in 1995! Paul's original novel British Summertime has just been released in the US by MonkeyBrain Books and he just completed the Wisdom miniseries for Marvel. He's got more stuff in the works from Marvel (what it is specifically he isn't saying yet) and he's also writing an episode for series 2 of Primeval. Let's hope that Russell T. Davies has him lined up for another episode or two of Doctor Who next season. You can read Paul's reports on the episode on Paul Cornell's House of Awkwardness. He's also a fun guy to hang around with at a convention.

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