Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Babylon 5: The Lost Tales Videos, Fall TV Clips

Babylon 5: The Lost Tales Videos online

Warner Bros. Home Video has started making available some of the promo videos and other clips to promote the upcoming release of Babylon 5: The Lost Tales on July 31.

The ISN News web site has a Lost Tales web page listing the known clips available so far.


TV Week has set up a page hosting preview clips of most of the fall shows including the various genre shows.

Most of the networks are also hosting clips on their sites with the various video players and some have turned up on You Tube as well. Here's links to the official web page on the network sites as well as other clips elsewhere for the various shows:

Bionic Woman - You Tube long Preview
Chuck - You Tube long Preview

New Amsterdam - You Tube Promo Reel
Sarah Connor Chronicles - You Tube Promo Reel

Pushing Daisies - ABC Now has a full promo video on their web site
Eli Stone

The CW
Reaper - You Tube Reaper Preview

Moonlight - Preview Video on Innertube (or maybe not, the link is the one provided by CBS in their "Bloggers toolkit" to be a direct link to the clip. Instead it just takes you to the main Innertube page. To get to the preview clip, select the link on Moonlight, which takes you to the Fall Preview page and then click on the "video" link in the Moonlight box.

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