Sunday, March 11, 2007

Heroes at the MTR Paley Festival - Report & Links

I atttended the Heroes presentation at the William S. Paley festival on Saturday night (thanks to Diet Pepsi turning some tickets back in) . I've put up my full report on the panel on the main web site.

Here are some links to other reports on it that have appeared so far. I'll add others as they turn up. Chances are that Access Hollywood and E! will report on it on their Monday news roundups.

Pictures on (you can see all the thumbnails at least).

A Variety Report

Comic Book Resources - Detailed report on the clip screened from the next new episode. Pretty powerful stuff with Nathan Petrelli and Linderman. Full Report on the Panel.

TV Addict Report/Transcript of most of the panel (but not all of it).

The Futon Critic's blog/report on the panel.

A report by IFMagazine (who got the whole exchange with Hayden and being tied like a chicken)

E! Online's Report by Kristin including some video interview bits before the panel.

Give Me My Remote reports on the press activities before the panel

The MTR Website has a couple of photos and should have a video highlight soon.


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