Monday, March 26, 2007

Dresden Files Roundup - Bob & Jim

For those of you who have been following The Dresden Files on SciFi Channel and have also read the books by Jim Butcher, the episode coming up this week looks to be the episode featuring a cameo appearance by Jim Butcher. It also features a good amount of backstory for Bob, played by Terrence Mann. SciFi Channel has a video on their web site following Jim Butcher around when he visited the set earlier this year.
I also got a chance to talk to Jim for an interview to be published in the upcoming issue of ConNotations. Jim is about to embark on a book signing tour for the release of the ninth Dresden Files book, White Knight. For a list of locations, check out Jim's official web site. I'm looking forward to meeting Jim in person when he comes to Phoenix for a couple of stops here. I have things set up on my Amazon store so you can order any of Jim's books through there, but there's also a couple of opportunies if you act quick to order signed and personalized books online. Jim's local book store, Dog Eared Half Price books is doing a signing, but you need the order in by tomorrow. The Signed Page is also doing a virtual signing as well, and they have until April 3rd to get your order in.

The series has only three episodes left to air in the first season, and according to the SciFi website (although not yet reflected in their online schedule), the last two episodes will air an hour later, with a repeat episode airing in the regular time slot. Best to double check your PVR timers once it gets closer. Hopefully the ratings last night with Claudia Black as a guest star perked up to help give the show a boost. I'd really like to see it get picked up for a second season to see more of the show. If you've missed episodes, SciFi has them all available to view online on the The Dresden Files web page, plus iTunes has them all to download as well.
According to producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe, SciFi has until late June before actor options run out to make a decision on a second season. The question is now becoming what can fans mail in to SciFi to request the show get picked up? Drum sticks? Hockey sticks? Skulls?


Angela/SciFiChick said...

Love this show. It better get picked up!

Anonymous said...

As much as I would like to see this show be a success for Jim Butcher I can't say that I'll be that sad if if doesn't get renewed. The producers/writers had great source material from the books and they went and made waaaaayyyy too many changes and it has really pissed off the Dresden fan base. They would have done a lot better if they had keep more things like the books instead of making some really bad changes. I know that some things had to be changes for the show but they have strayed too far from the core elements that made the books so good.

If the show gets picked up for another season I'll still watch it more to support paranormal shows in general so that the SciFi channel will produce more of them in the future. And if Dresden gets cancelled I certainly won't be crying about it.

I will definately support Jim Butcher's Dresden books till the end which is hopefully a long, long way off.

Mr.SFTV said...

Well, Butcher has a 20 book series planned out (which was part of the original college class project that gave birth to Storm Front).

I think the series is doing a good adaptation of the Dresden Universe with the TV limitations. I think given a chance, they will make use of more of the book universe in future seasons.