Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Few Random Notes.

What is Science Fiction?

First of all, John C. Wright has a very extensively researched post about just What is Science Fiction? With many great examples like the one above.

Charlie Jade Banished to 3 am.
Following two weeks of lackluster ratings, SciFi has once again pulled an "acquired series" out of the 8 pm ET/PT time slot. This time, it is Charlie Jade, which now has a "NEW TIME MONDAYS AT3 AM!" notice on SciFi's Charlie Jade page (which translates to really early Tuesday morning). For the time being, SciFi will be repeating the previous week's Doctor Who episode in the 8 pm ET/PT time slot.

Middleman Ratings
I haven't seen any official report on the ratings for the debut of The Middleman on ABC Family this week. Indications are that it was less than spectacular, though. Hopefully it is good enough to not get it banished to 3 am in the moring. It is worrying that The Middleblog has not been updated for a week, though.

Fear Itself

Over on NBC, Fear Itself has not been tearing things up in the ratings, but is probably doing about what NBC expected and is likely drawing the demographic they want.

Galactica Mid-Season Finale, Ghost Hunters Ratings & Darth Mojo!
SciFi appears pleased with the ratings Galactica drew in the first half of it's final season. Check out their press release. SciFi is also quite pleased with the summer run of Ghost Hunters, doing even better than Galactica! For a report on the special screening of the Galactica mid-season finale, check out Darth Mojo's blog. Mojo has a lot of neat stuff on his new blog, looking back at his work on Babylon 5 and Star Trek as well as his current work on Battlestar Galactica. He's also responsible for the Pon Farr edition of Star Trek: TMP.

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