Friday, February 1, 2008

Paris Hilton is having a party next door and won't turn it down!

The Big Game (I could say "Super Bowl", but I'm not a licensed partner, so I shouldn't be using its actual name) is in town this weekend. Actually, it is in Glendale, AZ on the far other side of the valley from Scottsdale, AZ. However, Glendale isn't yet hip enough to have a party scene, so Scottsdale is host to the parties and ESPN's live broadcasts. Knowing that there was all this stuff going on in downtown Scottsdale, I figured I'd avoid the area this weekend. What I didn't think about is how the big parties, starting last night with one hosted by Paris Hilton, would be even more noticable due to them having their permorfmers outside and the volume turned up to deafen everyone at them.

Last night, well after 11 pm, I could hear rhythmic bass thumping through the wall and thought it was my upstairs neighbor with their stereo turned up. I opened the patio door to check and realized it was coming from the direction of the spotlights to the West. I live about a half mile from where the party was and could hear it well enough to tell that it was some rapified version of Mr. Roboto (50 cent was the musical act last night, if he has to stoop to using Mr. Roboto as the basis for a rap song, I'm surprised he's still relevant). It was a weeknight and I really would have liked to have gotten to sleep before midnight. I figured I'd give the Scottsdale police a call to add my name to the list of complaints they were likely getting and was told there wasn't anything they co do about it and that they had permits to be noisy until 1 am! Sure enough, the thudding finally ended around 1 am.

I see by the party listings in the paper that the parties tonight and tomorrow featuring Kid Rock and Snoop Dogg will go to 2 am. I guess I might as well plan on sleeping late this weekend.

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