Thursday, June 21, 2007

More Moving, Dresden renewal "dicey", Westercon

Did I mention how moving when it is 110 degrees out is not a lot of fun....

Dresden Files Renewal "dicey".
According to a post by Robert Wolfe on, things are looking "dicey" about a Dresden Files renewal. Apparently SciFi's market research is telling them people don't want more of the show. Obviously the market research is not asking the people who watch the show, read the books and want to see more of it. Short of bombarding Bonnie Hammer with foam skulls of miniature hockey sticks, there is a "Dear Bonnie" thread on's message board. I really think SciFi is making a mistake if they dump the show, but apparently they think they've got a big hit in the Flash Gordon remake. Maybe it getting ratings comparable to Painkiller Jane's (a .7 or .8) will give NBCU reason to relieve Bonnie of SciFi?

WesterCon 60 Next Week
Coming up the first weekend in July is WesterCon 60 in San Mateo, CA. I'll be there doing some panels and also promoting the Leprecon, Inc. WesterCon 62 bid. If I can find them, I'll have my ribbons to hand out as well. I'm not currently scheduled for a SF Tube Talk panel, but that could change. I will be on a panel about Heroes and one about DC Comics with Tad Williams, though.


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