Sunday, May 6, 2007

Vampires, Bunnies, and More!

A few Random bits of news and information:

Blood Ties Gets Full Pickup from Lifetime
According to author Tanya Huff on her livejournal (and a follow up email from producer Peter Mohan), Lifetime has picked up the back nine for the first season of Blood Ties. They were producing a full season of 22 episodes to begin with for airing in Canada. Lifetime initially committed to 13 episodes and picked up their option for the full 22 episodes. It isn't clear when Lifetime will air the rest of them and it appears that their planned two episode "season finale" has dropped the second episode, likely keeping it for the next block of episodes to air later in the year. Huff has recently blogged about the process of writing the recent episode "Stone Cold" as well as her cameo appearance in it. It sounds like she has been having a good time seeing her creations turned into a TV series. Along with The Dresden Files, it's neat to have a couple of SF or Fantasy novel series adapted to TV with the creators actually getting a chance to be involved as well and liking the end result.

Speaking of Vampires, the Eurovision song contest's Switzerland entry tries to do for Vampires what Michael Jackson did for Zombies with DJ Bobo's "Vampires are Alive" (You Tube version)(What's with the horse?)

Dresden Files News
No word yet on if SciFi will pick up the Dresden Files for a second series. The low ratings (Sub 1.0 for weeks 2 & 3) for Painkiller Jane are certainly making the ratings Dresden was drawing on Sunday nights look much better. There is now an organized fan campaign for The Dresden Files to encourage SciFi to pick it up.

When Jim Butcher was in Phoenix, he got interviews by The Dragon Page and their show with Jim is now up and available. They also absconded with John Scalzi when he was here and should have that show up in a week or two. According to the official Jim Butcher web site, Jim just sold books 12 and 13 of The Dresden Files (White Knight, the new book, is #9 in the series and has been in the top rankings of the last few weeks of the New York Times bestseller list). Congrats Jim!

A Special Bunny Film
This entry on Neil Gaiman's blog should be checked out. See what happens when someone takes a random comment and runs with it.


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